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  “Mad Drummer” Steve Moore talks to 3pointmagazine! 

His love for music began when he saw Chuck Berry playing his guitar, but the drums stole his heart. He became famous from a video that was uploaded on YouTube on June 2010, where he was… at the wrong gig, as the uploader wrote. The video’s virality made “mad drummer” Steve Moore world known, while Mike Portnoy himself stated he’s a fan of this… crazy man. We talked with the “drummer at the wrong gig” and here’s what he said to us!

The main reason that people recognize you is your… special technique. How did this start, was it “by mistake” or something?

My background is metal. Every band I have ever played for has been metal. When I started touring for Rick’s band, it was definitely "not" metal. However, I continued playing the same way I played for years. In addition to that, I had always played faster material. When I started touring with Rick’s band, the songs were very basic, so I had the chance of “going crazy” and I took advantage of it!

In contrast with your “wild youth”, you got established with the Allnighters, a “Vegas style band” as you say. Was it your choice or your wallet’s?

At that time, my goal was to earn a living by playing drums. I didn’t really care what kind of band it was, I just wanted to tour. It could have been country music, or polka music! I really didn’t care! Rick’s band provided an opportunity for me to tour. The band and the style were irrelevant to me. I just wanted to play drums for as many people as possible.

Drums, guitar, piano, trumpet… How many instruments do you play, and have played, throughout your lifetime?

I also played the banjo! No joke! But it all ended when I started playing drums. I now realize that this was a mistake, but the second I discovered the drums it simply consumed me in a way I just can’t describe! To this day, if I’m not practicing, I’m watching drum videos or listening to CD’s. I just love music.

How did it feel when you saw your video on YouTube, and even more, how did it feel when it became viral?

It felt as if my prayers had finally been answered! That’s honestly the best way I can answer that. I felt as if I finally had a chance of succeeding.

How was it when Mike Portnoy, a drummer you’re influenced by, mentioned you?

I talk about Mike a lot, because that “link in the chain” was huge. He did a lot for me and still does. The most important thing he did was give me back my belief that I could actually make it. I sort of gave up, and was just going through the motions for a lot of years, but when Mike said he was a fan of my playing, it really meant a lot to me. After all, we’re not just talking about some famous dude that sort of lucked out and became famous. We’re talking about Mike Portnoy, one of the most respected drummers in the [music] industry. That’s a pretty big deal. He gave me back my belief… He put me back in the game!

Did you expect all this fuzz about your name when you used to sleep in the studio? (Steve used to sleep in a producer’s studio in exchange for his music)

It’s important for you to understand that I’ve given up my life for a dream. I sacrificed all the happiness that normal people have on a daily basis. As a kid, other kids would go out and play…I would stay home and practice. As a young adult, most of my friends would go to the movies or clubs… I would stay home and practice. While most of my friends were getting married and picking out curtains for their living room… I was sleeping on a floor and starving. So the answer is yes! I expected, or at least dreamed, of becoming famous. Otherwise, I could never have made it. That dream was the only thing that kept me going!

You are one of these drummers that will be memorized in the long future, close to the other “colleagues” of yours that break the… rule of the singers and guitarists…

I appreciate you saying that, however I never dreamed of being “the star” of a band. I simply wanted to be in a band. Let’s look at it a different way: Keith Moon (The Who) was one of my favorite drummers. Everyone knows how great Keith was. But let’s not forget Roger, Pete and John, the other members of The Who, that were pretty good as well! What I’m saying is Keith was a great drummer who also played in a great band.

Even though I’ve received a lot of attention, my goal has never been to steal the attention from someone else. If people happen to notice me, and enjoy what I do, then I’m grateful for that! I almost think, if I was playing drums for Rob Zombie or Judas Priest, people really wouldn’t say that much about me. It’s just the environment I’ve been associated with, that’s made me “unique”.

I assume that you don’t still pay for your “music goods”. How does this feel?

Well, there’s a misconception about that. I’m very fortunate to be endorsed by some of the largest companies in the business, however, like most artists, I’m placed on a budget. Think of it as an allowance. In other words, even someone like Thomas Lang is on a budget (it’s just a larger budget!). If Thomas asked (for example) for 237 snare drums, they would probably question him a little about that one! It’s an honor to even be associated with companies like Ludwig, Sabian and so on. It’s a real joy to go to their websites and see your photo there. It makes you feel like you’ve almost accomplished something!

You and the band give numerous shows throughout the US. Would you consider performing in Europe, or even in Greece?

Absolutely! The band has performed in Russia. I took Rick with me to perform in Germany and I’ve also performed in Belgium. I would love to perform in Greece. In fact, I’m going to be involved in some new things for 2015 and you can stay up to date at my website (

Would you prefer to visit Greece more for vacation, or for performing?

Both! That’s one of the best things about our business. We get to see places we would have never seen otherwise.

I’m not sure if you are aware of the economic situation in Greece, but if you are, is there something you’d like to say to your fans here?

I’ve read some about it, and that’s difficult for me. It’s very easy for someone in my position to toss out “positive reassurance”. However, when you are the one in that position, the last thing you want to hear is someone say something stupid. Even if it’s said with the best of intentions, it can be misunderstood.

My life is really good. I have a lot to be grateful for. I just don’t feel comfortable handing out advice on a matter that I can’t honestly relate to. It would be like me trying to comfort a woman that just lost her child by saying “I understand your pain”. I don’t have any children, so it would be impossible for me to feel her pain! Sometimes the greatest form of compassion is to say nothing.


The original article was posted in Greek: